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SSA Toolkit

Guide: Overview


Guide: Overview

Guide: Overview

This guide leads you through the activities involved in doing a System Safety Assessment (SSA) using the SSA Toolkit. We recommend that you start by reading the SSA process section to understand the basic principles of the process. The Map and How to sections then help people to find their way round this Guide. The remaining sections examine each of the main activities of the process, and describe what is involved in them and how to put them into practice.


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The SSA process

Gives an overview of the SSA process, comprising four phases: Examine, Assess, Improve and Manage, and introduces a diagram that shows all the key activities in the process.

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Provides a diagram that shows how all the key activities in the SSA process fit together.

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How to use the Guide

Provides some information to help in using this Guide most effectively.

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Describes the key activities in the Examine phase, which examines what is currently happening in the system under examination.

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Describes the key activities in the Assess phase, which identifies the potential errors and risks in the system.

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Describes the key activities in the Improve phase, which proposes and implements ways to address these risks.

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Describes the key activities in managing the SSA, ensuring that the whole SSA process remains on track.