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What could go wrong?

The Assess phase of the SSA process addresses the following question about the system under examination: ‘What could go wrong?’. It assesses the likelihood and impact of such events and helps to determine which are most important to address.

The key activities in this phase are each described on a separate page, together with details of how to do them:

Diagram showing the Assess phase as part of the overall SSA process. This phase involves Identify risk, Analyse risk and Evaluate risk.

The Assess phase of SSA

Putting the ‘Assess’ phase into practice

In the Assess phase, all three activities use the same page in the SSA Assessment Form: Identify/Analyse/Evaluate risks. The different activities involve completing different columns in the same risk table.

Screenshots of examples using this table are given throughout this section. More detail on these examples can be found in the Assess part of the Section 136 case study.

Screenshot of the Identify/Assess/Evaluate risks page of the assessment form