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What should we do next?

The Manage phase of the SSA process addresses the following question: ‘What should we do next (during the SSA)?’. It guides the process, keeping the SSA on track. Manage is a little different from the other phases (Examine, Assess and Improve). Rather than taking place at a particular point in the SSA it contains on-going activities that take place continuously throughout the whole of the SSA process.

The key activities within the Manage phase of the SSA are each described on a separate page, together with details of how to do them:

Diagram showing the Manage phase as part of the overall SSA process. This phase involves Plan next steps, Refine goals, Engage stakeholders and Monitor system.
The Manage phase of SSA

Putting the ‘Manage’ phase into practice

There are no particular pages in the SSA Assessment Form to be completed for the activities in the Manage phase. This is because the Manage phase guides the process, and takes place throughout the SSA, rather than at specific points.

Examples of activities in the Manage phase can be found in the Manage section of the Section 136 case study.

Order of activities

Note that there is no strict order for the activities in this phase of the SSA. Often it is appropriate to start by defining a clear plan in place, as in Plan next steps. However, in some cases, the trigger for the SSA may mean that it should start elsewhere.