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SSA Toolkit

Resources: Overview


Resources: Overview

Resources: Overview

This section provides a variety of downloadable resources that support the SSA.

Photo of some of the SSA resources

Some of the SSA resources


SSA form icon

SSA Assessment Form

A set of tables and templates that accompany the SSA Toolkit, which help all the relevant information to be included at each step of the process, and assist in carrying out the risk calculations.

ARC toolkit icon

The Active Risk Control (ARC) Toolkit

A toolkit for developing measures for addressing risk concerns.

Case study icon

Case study (Section 136) download

The completed Assessment Form from the Section 136 case study, providing further details from this case study.

Systems icon

Introduction to describing systems

A short introduction to different methods of describing systems. intended to support the Describe system activity in the Examine phase of the SSA process.